Gapminder - Statistiken, Daten und Fakten der Nationen im weltweiten Vergleich

Die Plattform Gapminder bietet Zahlen, Daten und Fakten zu Wirtschaft, Bildung, Energie, Umwelt, Gesundheit, Infrastruktur, Bevölkerung, Gesellschaft und Arbeitswelt von Nationen im weltweiten Vergleich.

Anbieter: Gapminder
Veröffentlicht: Jan 2017
Preis: kostenlos
Studientyp: Statistik • Wirtschaftsstatistik
Branchen: Arbeitswelt • Gesundheit • Umwelt & Ökologie • Wirtschaft, Politik & Gesellschaft


Instead of wasting our time blaming the media or condemning the human brain, we develop free teaching material to dismantle misconceptions and promote a fact-based worldview.

Gapminder measures ignorance about the world

We identify the most ignored global facts by comparing what people think against the official statistics. We run public polls and we ask knowledge questions to live audiences from stage.

Gapminder makes global data easy to use and understand

We develop data visualization tools to let people explore the vast treasure of global statistics. Since many people hate statistics, we use photos as data to give the numbers meaning. We have sent photographers to 240 homes across the world to show how people really live. That’s what we call a fact-based worldview.

Gapminder provides courses and certificates

We also develop teaching materials and knowledge certificates. With our teacher certificate we want to create a global network of trusted Gapminder teachers who can represent us locally.

Gapminder promotes Factfulness, a new way of thinking

We promote a new way of thinking about the world and the society which we call Factfulness. It is the relaxing habit of carrying opinions that are based on solid facts.

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Inhalte der Statistiken

  • Wirtschaft
  • Bildung
  • Energie
  • Umwelt
  • Gesundheit
  • Infrastruktur
  • Bevölkerung
  • Gesellschaft
  • Arbeitswelt