Moments of Truth - die Relevanz von Touchpoints entlang der Customer Journey

Die Entscheidung für oder gegen ein Produkt wird nicht ausschließlich im Supermarkt getroffen. Lesen Sie mehr über relevante Touchpoints entlang der Customer Journey Whitepaper „Moments of Truth“ von KANTAR TNS Austria.

Anbieter: KANTAR Info Research Austria
Veröffentlicht: Jun 2018
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Studientyp: Blog & Paper
Branchen: Handel & Dienstleistung • Marketing & Medien • Online & IKT & Elektronik
Tags: Customer Journey • Moments of Truth • Touchpoints

Inhalte des Whitepapers

  • Moments of Truth: The Relevance of Touchpoints along the Customer Journey
  • Multiple touchpoints form the brand
  • Brand experience also takes place at the Point of Sale
  • Long-term brand connection through TV Advertisements
  • Linking Offline and Online Touchpoints
  • Integrated communication achieves growth
  • Touchpoint Management has to be holistic
  • Contact

Studienauszug: Percentage of purchase situations in which preferred brand is purchased

For consumers, the choice of products is becoming increasingly complex – in an excess supply of more or less interchangeable products, an increasing number of goods are competing for steadily declining space on the shelf. In the rivalry for buyers, brands outplay each other through especially noticeable placements, unique packaging, product innovations, limited editions, and irresistible special offers. Latest research shows that placement of the brand in the supermarket alone is not sufficient. Despite the intensified competition for attention at the point of sale (PoS), consumers often buy brands they already preferred. In over half of the buyer situations, the preferred brand is chosen. For coffee, this is 70 percent of cases

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