Wie Marken in der Corona-Krise und für die Zeit danach eine positive Zukunft bieten können

Wie Marken mit der Corona-Krise umgehen können und worauf sie achten sollten, um die Bedürfnisse ihrer Kunden zu treffen, zeigt Nigel Hollis von KANTAR in einer Metastudie aus unterschiedlichen Quellen.

Anbieter: KANTAR Info Research Austria
Veröffentlicht: Apr 2020
Preis: kostenlos
Studientyp: Marktforschung • Trendforschung
Branchen: Marketing & Medien
Tags: Corona Krise • Marken • Markenstrategie • Marketing • Pricing

Inhalt der Meta-Studie (English)

Responding to unprecedented times

  • Put people first
  • Suspend business concerns, how will your customers feel?
  • What are their anxieties and concerns?
  • What help do they need?
  • How will they expect your brand to respond?

Do’s and don’ts of the CORVID-19 crisis response

  • Do something purposeful and beneficial
  • Alleviate financial impact on customers
  • Alleviate concerns and reassure
  • Do not exacerbate concerns
  • Do not be seen to take advantage

Beyond survival tactics

  • Strong brands will recover more quickly
  • During a crisis, people welcome the comfort of familiar, trusted brands

The PIMS database finds that investor brands generate +20% return when the recession ends

Build trust and brand affinity

  • Even hard discounters need to prove their worth
  • Consistency of message and experience have helped Aldi grow
  • Success required orchestrating all aspects of the brand
  • Higher affinity encourages repeat purchase
  • Meaningfully different brands with great content can outperform the norm

Lower prices are not necessarily the answer

  • The proportion of price-driven shoppers changed relatively little in 2008
  • The majority of people in most categories will still value brands
  • In 2008 Fairy Liquid in the UK had not grown for over 10 years
  • Identify the brand’s meaningful difference
  • “Heritage” echoed previous ad campaigns for a knowing, modern audience


Don’t panic! People still want the reassurance and comfort that brands have to offer

  • In uncertain times people need reassurance and look to the brands they trust
  • Disposable income may be constrained but that does not mean people will choose any brand
  • Any increase in price sensitivity is likely temporary and brands need to plan for the long-term
  • Focus on what makes your brand meaningfully different and build trust and affinity
  • Invest in above the line media and compelling content
  • Brands that do so are likely to recover faster and grow more strongly once the crisis is over